101 Tips for a More Sustainable Home

Here are our 101 tips for a more sustainable home. How many of them you use will depend on whether you own your home or rent, and whether you are renovating or about to build a home of your own.

There are lots of inspiring ideas for how to make a more sustainable home. So many that you can feel overwhelmed. We think everyone should start small. Each of us can take some steps to be more eco-friendly.

We agree with Dean Ipaviz when he says the biggest change to being more sustainable is mindset. Green living doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be done with small incremental steps as you get used to doing things a different way or find an eco-friendly product that you love.

  1. Install solar panels
  2. Take showers not baths
  3. Swap shampoo and conditioner for zero waste products
  4. Use cloth nappies
  5. Eat less red meat
  6. Buy an EV or hire an EV
  7. Buy eco friendly sunblock
  8. Add fly screens & security to doors so you can circulate air
  9. Install your own EV charger
  10. Wash the car with waterless shampoo
  11. Use natural fiber dishcloths and tea towels
  12. Reuse your bath or basin water for plants
  13. Batch cook and freeze
  14. Take a refillable bottle with you everywhere
  15. Wrap food in beeswax wraps
  16. Install a storage battery 
  17. Make the most of natural light
  18. Buy second hand furniture
  19. Plant a tree or trees
  20. Grow some herbs instead of buying plastic packs
  21. Take unwanted items to charity or recycle stores
  22. Buy diapers with more recyclable materials
  23. Make your home airtight
  24. Look for natural non-toxic toys for your children
  25. Renovate using eco-friendly materials
  26. Buy a dishwasher (the dishwasher in your family will love you)
  27. Use bamboo or metal in the bathroom instead of plastic
  28. Drive less and carpool or use public transport
  29. Find out if you have a local refill service
  30. Buy thermal curtains or blinds
  31. Pick your own at local farms
  32. Wash a full load of laundry at off peak times
  33. Use a slow cooker or crock pot
  34. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth
  35. Recycle clothing by donating it
  36. Buy only clothes that you love
  37. Use a zero waste toothpaste
  38. Invest in ground source heat pump
  39. Fix dripping taps
  40. Orient your house to the south (northern hemisphere)
  41. Eat more veg, it is good for you
  42. Build a passivhaus 
  43. TV on standby for long periods? Turn it off
  44. Dry clothes outside on the line when possible
  45. Invest spare funds in green funding
  46. Find out if you have a local veg box scheme
  47. Choose a clean energy supplier
  48. Rewild your garden
  49. Use a toaster to make toast and not the oven
  50. Grow your own
  51. Choose eco period product alternatives
  52. Buy natural bedding 
  53. Walk more instead of getting the car out
  54. Purchase eco-friendly cleaning products
  55. Use a zero waste laundry detergent
  56. Buy only what you will eat
  57. If you have garden space, start a compost heap
  58. Insulate your home with natural fibres
  59. Turn the central heating down
  60. Build using sustainable materials
  61. Use VOC free paints
  62. Buy loose fruit and vegetables (not packed in plastic)
  63. Visit a refill store or zero waste shop to see what you can swap
  64. Recycle kitchens and bathrooms when renovating
  65. Wash clothes at cold temperatures
  66. Take the stairs not the elevator
  67. Install a smart meter so you can see & manage energy use
  68. Clean behind your fridge
  69. Use recycled materials for kitchen counters
  70. Shop vintage clothing
  71. Turn down radiators in rooms that are not used
  72. Use less paper towels 
  73. Plant a green roof
  74. Put on a jumper instead of the heating
  75. Defrost your fridge regularly
  76. Find a local milkman
  77. Keep your recycling bins handy
  78. Use well insulated and environmentally friendly flooring
  79. Upcycle and recycle furniture
  80. Invest in an organic mattress
  81. Collect rainwater for use in the garden
  82. Double glaze or even triple glaze your windows
  83. Reduce use of your log burner
  84. Know that a mixed up recycling bin will go to landfill
  85. Plant native plants
  86. Use reclaimed materials 
  87. Remember your reusable shopping bags
  88. Install eco friendly sidings
  89. Install an energy recovery system
  90. Buy energy efficient appliances
  91. Use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets
  92. Move nearer public transport
  93. Stop draughts in the chimney
  94. Choose curtains that do not cover the radiator
  95. Make a list before going shopping
  96. Check your attic insulation
  97. Avoid synthetic scents
  98. Think twice about coffee pods (there are biodegradable versions)
  99. Use a brush instead of a synthetic sponge
  100. Buy local especially if you can walk
  101. Sign up for e-documents & bills

Our best tip for a more sustainable home

Did you find this list useful? What is your favorite tip for a more sustainable home?

Our best tip for a more sustainable home is making a list. Make a list of what you can do towards a more sustainable home – whether that is a big change like home improvement or a small change like a green swap. Give yourself some praise when you cross something off the list, however small.

We love lists and we have found that making a list before shopping is our best tip. We find it helps to not buy too much food so we end up wasting it. It also helps us plan meals and not just reach for the meat or the convenience foods that look good on the supermarket shelves. Not that we aren’t still tempted sometimes.

We’re not perfect, and we haven’t done everything on this list. But if we are going to become more eco friendly, we need to try to do as much. Our aim is to have a more sustainable home. That’s what we are all about.