Why buy a Tesla Powerwall, when you can buy one of these instead?

Looking for independent power and wondering if a Tesla Powerwall is the only option?  Here are our favorite Tesla Powerwall alternatives to consider. 

Tesla Powerwall alternatives

There are a few reasons to look for Tesla Powerwall alternatives. Firstly, there is currently quite a long wait time for these battery packs in some areas. Secondly, you might be looking for a lower cost unit. Or maybe you are simply wondering if any other battery packs are comparable on performance.  

Four big names in the solar battery pack industry are Tesla, SunPower, SolarEdge and Sunrun. 

We’ve done a full rundown on the Tesla Powerwall but the salient points are that it costs around $10,000 a unit before fitting and has 14 kW of capacity with a continuous supply of 5 kW. You’ll need at least two units to run most domestic appliances. 

SunPower SunVault Battery Storage System

SunPower’s SunVault battery storage system comprises a SunVault battery and a hub controller that works with an app. A single lithium ion phosphate SunVault battery output is 6.8 kW of continuous power and is rated to 13 kW / 26 kW usable capacity. This will power your major appliances for 21 hours, two batteries will last over a day and a quarter.  The battery packs measure 66 cm x 160 cm x 38 cm and the hub 43 cm x 117cm  x 15 cm when surface mounted. They come with a ten year guarantee and are rated for indoor and outdoor use.  SunPower is an American firm. According to EnergySage, the battery system alone will cost upwards of $15,000.

SolarEdge StorEdge Backup 

SolarEdge’s StorEdge backup product range is compatible with multiple battery brands and LG Chem Resu batteries. The StorEdge single phase inverter is coupled with an energy meter, monitoring system, power optimisers for connection to solar panels and a battery pack. 

Sunrun Brightbox Home Battery

Sunrun provides services in 19 states across the US. They offer two batteries with their Brightbox home battery setup – the Tesla Powerwall and the LG Chem. The big difference is that the Tesla Powerwall can power your entire home and the LG Chem can only handle up to four circuits. 

LG ESS (Energy Solution System)

The LG Energy Solution System has two models, RESU10H and RESU16H. Their capacity is 9.6 kW and 16 kW and power outputs are 5 kW and 7kW respectively. They are made up of a battery control, two battery units and a connection footer plate. They work with SolarEdge and SMA inverters. LG offers a ten year warranty.  The LG RESU10H is on sale at Sunwatts for US$8,500 and the RESU16H is on sale for $11,000. 

Sonnen Smart Battery Storage System

The 10 kW Sonnen Smart Battery Storage System is on sale at Sunwatts for $24,870. It has 7 kW of continuous output. It comes with a ten year warrant and the inverter, battery, energy manager and software are included in the box. 

Generac PWRcell Energy Storage System

The Generac PWRcell energy storage system is on sale at Sunwatts for $18,000. This 14 kW capacity battery can deliver 8 kW of continuous output. The box includes the batteries, inverter, cabinet, and app. 

A completely off grid system with solar panels will require more battery capacity which will increase costs. A temporary backup system could make use of a portable battery system like the EcoFlow or Jackary.

There are Tesla Powerwall alternatives

Tesla Powerwall alternatives do exist and have the potential to provide the same storage capacity and power output. The costs of the products we looked at were all fairly similar and the warranty periods likewise. 

Buying and installing this kind of system is going to cost more than $10,000 and will likely run into the $20,000-$30,000 range depending on your requirements.

Do you use a battery storage system?  What did you buy?