Sustainable bathroom furniture

Sustainable bathroom furniture

Sustainable bathroom furniture is a worthwhile investment. Everyone loves a clean bathroom and by being careful to choose furniture and materials that are sustainable you can have that feel good factor that you are doing your bit for the planet on top of feeling great about your beautiful bathroom. Table of Contents Sustainable bathroom furniture … Read more

Green energy suppliers

green energy suppliers

Green energy suppliers supply gas and electricity from renewable resources. Green electricity sources include biomass, wind, solar, geothermal, bio and hydroelectric (US Energy Information Association). Green gas sources are biomethane, bio-propane, and hydrogen (Green Gas). Nuclear energy is regarded as clean energy as it has low emissions, but is not a renewable energy.  Where does … Read more

Vegan freezer meals

vegan freezer meals

Whether you want to make your own vegan freezer meals or you are wondering about the ready made plant based convenience foods that are now widely available in supermarkets, you need to do some research. Replacing a meat heavy diet with a vegan diet needs planning to ensure that you and your family are still … Read more

Is duck red meat?

is duck red meat

The short answer to the question ‘is duck red meat?’ is no. Duck is classified as white meat by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Duck meat can look dark and fleshy due to the myoglobin count and can be counted as red in culinary terms, e.g. how to cook it and what to serve with … Read more

Best car interior cleaning products

car interior cleaning

Cleaning the car is one of those weekend jobs that we all have to do – unless you take the car to a detailer or car wash. Here are some of the best car interior cleaning products we have found, and of course, with a focus on sustainable, eco-friendly products.  Table of Contents Best car … Read more

Zero waste shampoo (or conditioner)

zero waste shampoo

Zero waste shampoo doesn’t mean that there is no waste at all, but any waste is minimal and can be recycled. Zero waste shampoo tends to come in two forms – a bar that can be wrapped in paper or a bottle made from recycled plastic that is refillable.  Zero waste shampoo 101 There is … Read more

What is clean energy?

clean energy

Clean energy has both low greenhouse gas emissions and is renewable. It is also worth comparing the advantages and disadvantages of clean energy sources to explore what they cost and what effect they might have on the environment around them. Clean energy definition As defined by Cornell Law School, clean energy is renewable energy that … Read more

Is solar energy renewable or non-renewable?

is solar power renewable or non-renewable?

What do we mean by renewable energy? Renewable energy comes from resources that will never run out (National Geographic). Examples of renewable energy sources are the sun, wind and water as well as biomass and geothermal energy. The question is whether solar energy is renewable or non-renewable. Is solar energy renewable or non-renewable?  Technically the sun … Read more

Environmentally conscious

environmentally conscious

Environmentally conscious is a concept that has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. It has expanded to include every area of our modern lives. It affects all of us, brands and consumers, but we hardly ever think about what it actually means.  Table of contents What does environmentally conscious mean? Environmentally … Read more

Green living

green living

Green living is all about choosing the green option in every aspect of our lives, from the fashion we choose to the soap we use to clean our clothes. It involves keeping an eye on the environmental impact we have and aiming to make it as small as possible. Table of contents What does green … Read more