How far can an electric car go? From the best to the worst

When asked “how far can an electric car go” we worked out our figures by comparing electric cars in the EV database for 2022 and then checking the manufacturers claims. The shortest range of any of the cars was 58 miles (95km) and the longest range was a whopping 431.8 miles (695km), with the average being 203.1 miles (327km)

The Lucid Air Dream Edition R range would have cost you a pretty penny at $169,000 but sadly you are too late as the reservations are closed for these luxury electric cars. The Air Dream Edition R has 933 bhp and a range of 520 mi (840 km). Depending on the spec chosen, it has up to a 300 kWh battery pack. 

At the other end of the scale is the smart EQ forfour with an on the road price of £22,295. The EQ forfour has a range of 78 miles, a 60 kWh battery, 81 bhp and zero Co2 emissions. Definitely one for the urban commuter. The vast majority of us will be buying something that sits in the middle of these two with a range in the region of 200-250 miles. 

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So, how far can an electric car go?

To answer the question how far can an electric car go, CarWow in the UK did a brilliant exercise where they drove electric cars until they died. In fairness, the temperature in the UK doesn’t sit within the ideal range for an electric car which is between 15 & 25 degrees. Low temperatures mean the battery wears out sooner. The cars were driven on the motorway in cruise control mode at the speed limit, with lights and radio on and bluetooth connected. The temperature was under 10 degrees. The cars in their tests had claims of between 217 miles and 348 miles for the Tesla Model 3 (long range).

Tesla Model 3 (long range)

The winner of their test was the Tesla Model 3 long range version which did 269.7 miles or 434.04 kilometers, which is plenty for the average family day trip. Not an entirely unexpected winner. This is, however, only 78% of the claimed 348 mile range. This reasonably priced model at £48,000 or $55,990 (Kelley Blue Book) has 346 bhp and a 75 kWh battery pack capable of 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. It’s sporty, nice to drive and a Tesla supercharger can charge it in around 20 minutes. A lower range Tesla Model 3 with a range of 200 miles can be had for $35,000.

Kia electric car

Kia are great at building long range, economical cars. They were the car of choice for a surveyor team I worked with because of the roomy boot space and the economy over long distances. The latest Kia electric car, the e-Niro, was the second best performing car in the CarWow test, clocking over 255 miles and 90% of the claimed 282 mile range. Tech specs for the e-Niro are 64 kWh battery pack, 204 hp motor and 0-60 in 7.5 seconds, so not very nippy. 

It is a good basic electric car with front wheel drive. When it ran out of electricity, it ran out – like all the other cars tested until they stopped, but this is hardly like in real life scenarios. Most of us take heed of warnings on the dash. And of course, it is best to plan for charge points when you make a journey in any electric car, so this is not necessarily a negative for the Kia electric car. 

Kia EV6 Long Range AWD has a 77.4 kWh battery pack and quick charging in 18 minutes. It has an estimated range of 314 miles and a bhp of 321. Prices start from £44,195 or $40,900 but after federal tax credit that could be as low as $33,400. 

Kia is working on an EV9 model that will be a luxury SUV and is due to be launched in 2023. The EV9 will have a 100 kWh battery pack, two electric motors and a range of 300 miles, but expect to pay the price upwards of £55,000 (What Car). The aim is to give Audi, Tesla and BMW a run for their money. 

Electric Chevy car

Bolt is the electric Chevy car or SUV that is available now with the Equinox EV and the Silverado pick up truck on the way in 2023. Both the EUV and the EV Bolts are all electric. Expect to pay between $35,000 and $39,000 for the EUV and $33,000 to $36,000 for the EV. 

Estimated range for both electric vehicles is similar at 247 miles and 259 miles respectively, which puts these electric Chevy cars right in the mid range. The EUV can get from 0-60 in 7 seconds and has 200 hp while the EV goes from 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and also has 200 hp. 

Moke electric car

The Moke is iconic and classic car fans are going to love that there is a Moke electric car version. Available in a literal rainbow of colours, for the body, bumper, roll bar, and rims. The electric Moke starts at $21,975.00. Don’t expect to go far, as the Moke electric car has a range of 40 miles and a tiny 12 kWh battery, about 20 hp and a max speed of 25 mph. Plus, the batteries take 8 hours to charge. Still, it looks good. 

Recap of how far can an electric car go

How far can an electric car go?  Anywhere from 58 miles to 431.8 miles. We’re not counting the Moke here. The average electric car goes around 200 miles or 320 kilometers. The problem with the question how far can an electric car go, is that the range of electric cars depends not only on the make & model of electric car, the manufacturer’s claims, but also what temperature it is while you are driving, what the road conditions are, how you drive the vehicle, where you are driving – urban or long distance, and whether the battery was fully charged before you set off. 

New electric car batteries are being developed as we write this and new electric vehicles are being developed by the manufacturers. As we have seen Chevy and Kia are developing new models for launch next year and they are certainly not the only ones. We think the range of electric cars will improve and battery packs will improve too as electric cars become the norm. That can only be a good thing for sustainability.