What’s the most eco friendly dish soap?

eco friendly dish soap

What’s the most eco friendly dish soap?  The most eco friendly dish soap will be zero waste and non-toxic. After all, with a busy family there are a lot of dishes to wash and unless you wear rubber gloves (again, eww) your skin will be in contact with the liquid.  Table of Contents Why use … Read more

The best reef safe sunscreen brands

reef safe sunscreen

The best reef safe sunscreen fits a number of criteria. It has no plastic content, obviously. It needs to be safe from toxins, have a decent SPF and protection rating, and most importantly not be harmful to life on the reef when it gets washed off by the waves.  Table of Contents What is a … Read more

101 Tips for a More Sustainable Home

a more sustainable home

Here are our 101 tips for a more sustainable home. How many of them you use will depend on whether you own your home or rent, and whether you are renovating or about to build a home of your own. There are lots of inspiring ideas for how to make a more sustainable home. So … Read more

Zero waste laundry detergent

zero waste laundry detergent

Zero waste laundry detergent is growing in popularity, but it is still not easy to find the right brand to encourage you to swap. What you want is the combination of zero waste, eco-friendly and a laundry detergent that actually works well in a wash. Here’s our run down of the best zero waste laundry … Read more

Eco friendly diapers

Eco friendly diapers

Which are the more eco friendly diapers – reusable or disposable? Choose from reusable diapers & liners made out of environmentally friendly materials or organic disposable diapers with more biodegradable materials in them to reduce the impact on the environment. Environmentally conscious parents want to choose the best option for their children and the planet … Read more

Best car interior cleaning products

car interior cleaning

Cleaning the car is one of those weekend jobs that we all have to do – unless you take the car to a detailer or car wash. Here are some of the best car interior cleaning products we have found, and of course, with a focus on sustainable, eco-friendly products.  Table of Contents Best car … Read more

Zero waste shampoo (or conditioner)

zero waste shampoo

Zero waste shampoo doesn’t mean that there is no waste at all, but any waste is minimal and can be recycled. Zero waste shampoo tends to come in two forms – a bar that can be wrapped in paper or a bottle made from recycled plastic that is refillable.  Zero waste shampoo 101 There is … Read more