Green energy suppliers

green energy suppliers

Green energy suppliers supply gas and electricity from renewable resources. Green electricity sources include biomass, wind, solar, geothermal, bio and hydroelectric (US Energy Information Association). Green gas sources are biomethane, bio-propane, and hydrogen (Green Gas). Nuclear energy is regarded as clean energy as it has low emissions, but is not a renewable energy.  Where does … Read more

What is clean energy?

clean energy

Clean energy has both low greenhouse gas emissions and is renewable. It is also worth comparing the advantages and disadvantages of clean energy sources to explore what they cost and what effect they might have on the environment around them. Clean energy definition As defined by Cornell Law School, clean energy is renewable energy that … Read more

Is solar energy renewable or non-renewable?

is solar power renewable or non-renewable?

What do we mean by renewable energy? Renewable energy comes from resources that will never run out (National Geographic). Examples of renewable energy sources are the sun, wind and water as well as biomass and geothermal energy. The question is whether solar energy is renewable or non-renewable. Is solar energy renewable or non-renewable?  Technically the sun … Read more