Tesla Powerwall – the ultimate guide

Tesla Powerwall

If you are interested in this specific battery pack or are simply wanting to make your home more energy efficient, read this ultimate guide to the Tesla Powerwall. We’ll look at what it is, what it costs and what models there are.  Tesla Powerwall Fast Facts Stores electrical energy in a battery so that you … Read more

Which country has the world’s most eco-friendly beaches?

which country has the world's most eco-friendly beaches

Which country has the world’s most eco-friendly beaches and what is an eco friendly beach anyway? That’s the question at the top of our minds this summer holiday while we are working out where to spend our vacation. An eco friendly beach, in our minds, is clean and plastic free with clear water and waste … Read more

What’s the difference between vegan and vegetarian? 

difference between vegan and vegetarian

What’s the difference between being vegan and vegetarian? Both vegan and vegetarians choose not to eat fish and seafood, meat and poultry. Vegans take this one step further and choose not to eat any animal derived foods, so no dairy or eggs among other things. There are some variations in vegetarian diets and we’ll cover … Read more

Zero waste laundry detergent

zero waste laundry detergent

Zero waste laundry detergent is growing in popularity, but it is still not easy to find the right brand to encourage you to swap. What you want is the combination of zero waste, eco-friendly and a laundry detergent that actually works well in a wash. Here’s our run down of the best zero waste laundry … Read more

How far can an electric car go? From the best to the worst

how far can an electric car go

When asked “how far can an electric car go” we worked out our figures by comparing electric cars in the EV database for 2022 and then checking the manufacturers claims. The shortest range of any of the cars was 58 miles (95km) and the longest range was a whopping 431.8 miles (695km), with the average … Read more

Do electric cars use oil?

Do electric cars use oil?

Do electric cars use oil? Yes – but not engine oil as we are used to it in a combustion engine. Electric cars use oil in their reduction gearboxes, which could need an oil change depending on the mileage you do (AA). Also, depending on the car manufacturer, they may use oil in the engine … Read more

Eco friendly diapers

Eco friendly diapers

Which are the more eco friendly diapers – reusable or disposable? Choose from reusable diapers & liners made out of environmentally friendly materials or organic disposable diapers with more biodegradable materials in them to reduce the impact on the environment. Environmentally conscious parents want to choose the best option for their children and the planet … Read more

Sustainable bathroom furniture

Sustainable bathroom furniture

Sustainable bathroom furniture is a worthwhile investment. Everyone loves a clean bathroom and by being careful to choose furniture and materials that are sustainable you can have that feel good factor that you are doing your bit for the planet on top of feeling great about your beautiful bathroom. Table of Contents Sustainable bathroom furniture … Read more