Why choose eco friendly carpet?

eco friendly carpet

Eco friendly carpet materials include wool, jute, sisal, coir and seagrass. All of these are natural fibers and depending on how they have been treated, they can be non-toxic, breathable but still soft and durable.  Recently, manufacturers have been developing carpet tiles and carpets from recycled materials like marine plastic and water bottles too. Reusing … Read more

Best eco lodge vacations

eco lodge

The world is awakening to the benefits of an eco lodge. As we become more conscious of our surroundings and our impact on the planet, we want to experience hotels and vacations that reflect this new found ethos.  Table of Contents What is an eco lodge?  What do you do at an eco lodge? What … Read more

VOC Paint: what is it?

voc paint

VOC paint contains volatile organic compounds, which are released into the air in your home while the paint dries, not what you want in a family home. VOCs cause issues for anyone with asthma and have side effects.  Manufacturers have started to make low VOC paint and zero VOC paint to meet demand from consumers … Read more

Off grid solar system

off grid solar system

You might imagine an off grid solar system is only relevant to mountain dwellers and those living in the wilderness, but many homeowners are taking steps to back up their electricity supply. An off grid solar system is also really handy when you go camping with your RV or trailer into a national park, especially … Read more

What is geothermal heating?

geothermal heating

Geothermal heating is a system using the heat from underground sources to heat domestic homes and industrial plants. There are three types; ground source heating, direct use geothermal and deep geothermal.  Ground source heating is where a ground source heat pump circulates liquid that has absorbed heat from underground through a network of pipes and … Read more

3 reasons to grow your own mushrooms 

grow your own mushrooms

Here are 3 good reasons to grow your own mushrooms; they are a healthy food, you can ensure they are organic & grown in peat-free compost, and growing your own is good for your wellbeing.  Why grow your own mushrooms?  There are plenty of reasons to grow your own mushrooms – give it a try. Here … Read more

What is a passive house & why should you want one?

Passive house

A passive house is the ultimate eco build. It is built to a stringent set of standards to improve insulation and airtightness in order to reduce energy requirements by up to 90% so that a home does not require heating or air conditioning but is still comfortable to live in. The ideal passive home is … Read more

The best reef safe sunscreen brands

reef safe sunscreen

The best reef safe sunscreen fits a number of criteria. It has no plastic content, obviously. It needs to be safe from toxins, have a decent SPF and protection rating, and most importantly not be harmful to life on the reef when it gets washed off by the waves.  Table of Contents What is a … Read more

101 Tips for a More Sustainable Home

a more sustainable home

Here are our 101 tips for a more sustainable home. How many of them you use will depend on whether you own your home or rent, and whether you are renovating or about to build a home of your own. There are lots of inspiring ideas for how to make a more sustainable home. So … Read more