My Miele dishwasher won’t turn on

miele dishwasher won't start

There is nothing more frustrating than pressing start on the dishwasher and nothing happens. If your Miele dishwasher won’t turn on, here are our top tips for things to do before you consider it broken and needing repair or replacement.  Steps to take if a Miele dishwasher won’t turn on One of the most common … Read more

Saving the planet one chickpea snack at a time

chickpea snacks

Saving the planet one chickpea snack at a time. If you are a fan of salty and sweet snacks, chickpea snacks are a great alternative that will provide you with protein and fiber. They are also a sustainable food.  Why are chickpea snacks so popular? Chickpea snacks are popular for their nutritional properties and for … Read more

Thinking of chopping down trees this Christmas? Sustainable Christmas tree ideas

sustainable christmas tree

Thinking of chopping down trees for Christmas?  Here are our top sustainable Christmas tree ideas for you to consider as alternatives. Sustainable Christmas tree ideas Think laterally about your Christmas tree this year, but only if you need to replace it. There are multiple different ways to source an eco-friendly Christmas tree, including renting, recycling … Read more

Is cotton sustainable?

is cotton sustainable

We use cotton daily – it is the fabric of our clothes, t-shirts and jeans, cotton balls are used to clean off makeup, we sleep in cotton sheets, we dry our dishes with cotton cloths – but how often do we ask the question ‘is cotton sustainable’? Where is cotton grown? Around 75% of the … Read more

What is plant based meat anyway?

what is plant based meat

What is plant based meat? Plant based meat is a meat substitute that is made of plant based products – think mushrooms, tofu, wheat, etc. The plant based meat is often formed into a shape that resembles the meat it is copying, for example ‘plant based nuggets’ instead of ‘chicken nuggets’ or ‘plant based mince’ … Read more

Does a portable oven use less electricity?

portable oven

A portable oven uses less electricity than a regular oven. As electricity prices rise, this makes portable ovens a popular choice for cooks and bakers. Saving energy is good for both our pockets and the planet. So what are the pros and cons of owning a portable oven?  Table of Contents What is a portable … Read more

Best eco lodge vacations

eco lodge

The world is awakening to the benefits of an eco lodge. As we become more conscious of our surroundings and our impact on the planet, we want to experience hotels and vacations that reflect this new found ethos.  Table of Contents What is an eco lodge?  What do you do at an eco lodge? What … Read more

3 reasons to grow your own mushrooms 

grow your own mushrooms

Here are 3 good reasons to grow your own mushrooms; they are a healthy food, you can ensure they are organic & grown in peat-free compost, and growing your own is good for your wellbeing.  Why grow your own mushrooms?  There are plenty of reasons to grow your own mushrooms – give it a try. Here … Read more

Which country has the world’s most eco-friendly beaches?

which country has the world's most eco-friendly beaches

Which country has the world’s most eco-friendly beaches and what is an eco friendly beach anyway? That’s the question at the top of our minds this summer holiday while we are working out where to spend our vacation. An eco friendly beach, in our minds, is clean and plastic free with clear water and waste … Read more