Window Insulation: How to Keep Your Home Warm and Energy-Efficient

window insulation guide

Window insulation is a crucial aspect of maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home. By insulating windows, homeowners can reduce their energy bills, decrease their carbon footprint, and increase the sustainability of their living space.  Window insulation should not be overlooked. Not only does it help to keep the home warm during the winter months, but … Read more

How is Wood Sustainable? Exploring its Eco-Friendly Qualities

how is wood sustainable?

Wood has long been a primary material used in various industries, from construction and furniture making to paper production. Its popularity stems not only from its easy accessibility and workability, but also from its sustainability as a renewable resource. As environmental consciousness increases and the global community looks for eco-friendly alternatives, wood stands out as … Read more

5 eco friendly insulation materials to use

eco friendly insulation

The basic ethos of a passive house is to ensure that heat is not lost and to do that it needs to be airtight. This requires quality insulation but what is the most eco friendly insulation material to use? There are lots of natural insulation materials for homes, here are five options that we are … Read more

Why choose eco friendly carpet?

eco friendly carpet

Eco friendly carpet materials include wool, jute, sisal, coir and seagrass. All of these are natural fibers and depending on how they have been treated, they can be non-toxic, breathable but still soft and durable.  Recently, manufacturers have been developing carpet tiles and carpets from recycled materials like marine plastic and water bottles too. Reusing … Read more

VOC Paint: what is it?

voc paint

VOC paint contains volatile organic compounds, which are released into the air in your home while the paint dries, not what you want in a family home. VOCs cause issues for anyone with asthma and have side effects.  Manufacturers have started to make low VOC paint and zero VOC paint to meet demand from consumers … Read more

What is geothermal heating?

geothermal heating

Geothermal heating is a system using the heat from underground sources to heat domestic homes and industrial plants. There are three types; ground source heating, direct use geothermal and deep geothermal.  Ground source heating is where a ground source heat pump circulates liquid that has absorbed heat from underground through a network of pipes and … Read more

What is a passive house & why should you want one?

Passive house

A passive house is the ultimate eco build. It is built to a stringent set of standards to improve insulation and airtightness in order to reduce energy requirements by up to 90% so that a home does not require heating or air conditioning but is still comfortable to live in. The ideal passive home is … Read more

Sustainable bathroom furniture

Sustainable bathroom furniture

Sustainable bathroom furniture is a worthwhile investment. Everyone loves a clean bathroom and by being careful to choose furniture and materials that are sustainable you can have that feel good factor that you are doing your bit for the planet on top of feeling great about your beautiful bathroom. Table of Contents Sustainable bathroom furniture … Read more