Tips for using a menstrual cup 

how to remove a menstrual cup

Does the idea of using a menstrual cup fill you with fear?  You are not the only one. The problem is that many women don’t know what a menstrual cup is, how it works and they feel uncomfortable asking about it. Thankfully there is now a lot more information available online than there used to … Read more

The burning truth about climate change

climate change

The burning truth about climate change is being obfuscated for a number of reasons, some of it is the age-old disagreement between scientists and some of it is driven by those with other agendas, economic or political. Lots is said about giving up meat, not flying, driving less, etc but do the facts give us … Read more

What is lab milk?

lab milk

Lab milk is trending but what is it and is it safe and sustainable?  Lab milk, quite obviously, is produced in a lab. It is fermented in a similar way to yogurt or kimchi with a microorganism trained to produce whey protein or casein protein, from which animal free ‘milk’ can be made.  Not to … Read more

What is plant based meat anyway?

what is plant based meat

What is plant based meat? Plant based meat is a meat substitute that is made of plant based products – think mushrooms, tofu, wheat, etc. The plant based meat is often formed into a shape that resembles the meat it is copying, for example ‘plant based nuggets’ instead of ‘chicken nuggets’ or ‘plant based mince’ … Read more

Why choose eco friendly carpet?

eco friendly carpet

Eco friendly carpet materials include wool, jute, sisal, coir and seagrass. All of these are natural fibers and depending on how they have been treated, they can be non-toxic, breathable but still soft and durable.  Recently, manufacturers have been developing carpet tiles and carpets from recycled materials like marine plastic and water bottles too. Reusing … Read more